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Logic Smart Financing

Logic Smarter Finance, has been developed to ensure that no solution is out of reach for any business.

It's a new and exclusive way of providing you with access a range of solutions without the financial burden that might usually be attached. It will assist you to reduce costs, have a greener business that is more efficient and sustainable.

Energy costs are rising

What does that mean to your business?

of world energy is
used for lighting

of lighting is deemed to be
highly inefficient

of lighting is used within
the commercial sector

Finance options for any project

1 Hire Purchase

A simple out of the box finance solution designed to plug a financial gap.

  • Projects from £10k – £250k
  • Quick and simple solution based on standardised contracts
  • Full project delivery costs included; supply, installation, management and commissioning
  • Fast YES/NO response
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2 Savings Sharing

A more in-depth finance proposition guaranteeing savings and sharing any additional benefits.

  • Projects from £100k+
  • Savings guarantees
  • Full project delivery costs included; supply, installation, management and commissioning
  • If savings are not met, the difference is paid back
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3 Service Agreement

A 'light as a service' agreement, offering total peace of mind to clients.

  • Projects from £500k+
  • Known operating costs over contract term
  • Full project delivery costs included; supply, installation, management and commissioning
  • Long term contracts options (up to 20 years)
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Logic The Process

FREE Audit of
your property

One of our Sales Engineers will visit your premises and complete a survey of the current installation and collate data on burn hours and energy costs

We present the solution and ROI

We will provide you with a return on investment based upon the data collected during the Energy Audit. This will show your savings by value and also carbon

We deliver

Once agreed, we will then deliver the project

You pay for
less energy

As shown in the return on investment document your energy expenditure will have dropped

You pay us from your savings

The savings from your energy expenditure will pay for the repayments, and in some cases there will be some left over

You keep your working capital

This method of funding keeps working capital within your business to be used on others business critical requirements

Logic Applied

Invest together, save together

We don’t see businesses as customers, we see them as partners. Logic is more than just a financing solution, it’s way for us to invest in new lighting infrastructure as partners and reap the benefits together.

Logic can cater for businesses with a turnover anywhere between £10k and £500k+ and covers full project delivery, from concept to execution. We can supply, install and maintain your lighting infrastructure, all for a small monthly repayment that’s typically lower than your current lighting bill.

What’s more, you can opt to bolt-on our Performance Guarantee and eliminate all risk from the investment. Using our smart lighting solutions we can monitor the exact energy consumption of every luminaire installed across your entire estate, enabling us to track all energy savings.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see no return, but if the cost does leave you at a loss, we’ll pay you the difference. No hassle. No fuss. Any savings that are made will be shared 50/50 with you, just like any partnership.

At worst you’ll break even, at best you’ll see 50% of any savings made going back into your business. When we say we’re in it together, that’s precisely what we mean.

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