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Sylsmart Smart Lighting

Take a moment to look around your workplace during the day. How many high intensity lights are switched on while nobody is around? How much light gets wasted in those corridors and rooms that have extremely low footfall?

SylSmart uses the very latest technology to detect human presence and natural light levels, adjusting the levels of artificial light to match the needs perfectly. Busy areas like foyers and corridors will stay bright and well lit, where as quieter areas like meeting rooms and lesser used corners of the your building will automatically dim gradually over time to save energy.

Built-in SylSmart technology that's
small, discrete and powerful

This level of advanced lighting control can save businesses up to 87%, achieving the highest possible energy saving standard.

SylSmart Connected Building


Power the luminaires and they connect and self-configure

No compatibility issues

SylSmart technology comes from one provider

No additional hardware needed

All you need are the luminaires to get started

Dynamic adjustments

Day to night, people coming and going, automatically adapts the light to suit

Fully wireless

No control cabling is required, easy to setup and even easier to maintain

Light your world

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